Posted by Hostile on Apr 30, 2009

How do I transfer World of Warcraft data from one computer to the next?

My girlfriend and I recently split up and she’s taking the computer. I have a world of warcraft account and I’m wondering if I can transfer it from the old computer to the one that I’ll be buying? Thank you for any help.

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6 Responses to “How do I transfer World of Warcraft data from one computer to the next?”

  1. Andy says:

    Yes, just login on the new computer. You will have to redownload the game though.

  2. beeperiffic says:

    You can play your World of Warcraft account from any computer, as long as it has the game installed. To play WoW on your new computer, just go to and login. There should be a link that says “Download Game Client” under Free Services. From there it’s easy, just download, install, and play!

  3. phamduyanhkp7 says:

    Of course you can.
    All thing you have to do is to reinstall the WoW into your new PC . You can use the discs to install or go to this link : and log into your account, it will have the link to download the game installer.
    With WoW, the only important is you account informations saved on the server. You can play your WoW account anywhere has WoW installed.
    Be ware of security threat … just a caution when you play your account on a strange / public PC

  4. Hazelnut says:

    You can choose from diffent ways of doing this.

    The Simple: Copy the whole WoW folder to your next computer.

    The Less Memory Comsuming: You move the WTF and Interface folder to your new computer, reinstall WoW and paste the folders you saved into the WoW folder.

  5. Stuey K says:

    World of Warcraft accounts are maintained online so it doesn’t matter which port you use to access them… if u don’t want to download the files again get a external hardrive copy the info onto that… then wherever u go, u can plug it in and play

  6. LORD NEVERDIE says:

    You can just copy the entire installation directory to your new computer. For instance, what I do is I have my world of warcraft folder on an external hard drive, so I can take it with me and plug into any computer and play where ever I may be.

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